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Our Story

Dear Customers,

TopList Seller is a unique, full-lifestyle shopping destination, with a mostly exclusive assortment of clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, bridal, and more. Learn why we craft the exquisite pieces adorning our shelves and delve into the heart of our mission. 


Top List Seller is in constant conversation with our creative-minded community, and we take pride in our connection with individuals who prioritize self-expression and pursue inspiration, knowledge, and experience in the spirit of boundless curiosity.

Why Choose Us

Our customers are creative people, who want to be and look like themselves. They have a sense of adventure about what they wear, and take a thoughtful, personal approach to interior décor and the harmony of home. Although personal style is important to them, they’re not governed by trends. We listen to our customers and look to our community for inspiration and feedback – the intention is to exceed their every expectation, in unexpected ways.

Explore our collection and be part of a community driven by compassion and empowerment.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Sukhdev Singh
Owner, TheTopList Seller